“The Refuges”

The refugee ‘problem’ from the inside out

In the news now a days, we read all about “The Refugees” pouring into various countries seeking Sanctuary.

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner state of affairs. Did you know this truth? It was considered one of the “mysteries” revealed in The Mystery Schools of ancient times.

Now stop and consider this in the light of “the world refugee problem”.

Given that the OUTER reflects the INNER, Who are the INNER REFUGEES?
Given that our INNER is made evident in the OUTER, what are these refugees inviting us to do and to be and to face?

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Knock Knock Knock

IF there was a knock on your door and you opened it…. and there before you stood a “refugee family”, what would you feel? Do? Be? Say?

How would your inside meet this outside?

What might you see?

There they are:

Clearly ALL are tired and strained.
Faces are worn.
Tear paths are dark etchings in the dirt on each of the faces, young and old..
The bags that are set in front of them, are patched and torn, barely holding together their meager contents.

However, it is the EYES that capture you.
The eyes of the adults seem like voids, they are so black with despair and fear.
The eyes of the children dart from here to there and back again, only glancing furtively in your direction.
It is the EYES that speak the volumes of stories, of monsters feared and faced and of the night terrors that haunt them all into mid-day and beyond.

It is the EYES.
And in turn, you feel your own eyes straining in this SEEing.
Seeing our profound humanity in its greatest vulnerability: homeless, without roots or roof or hope of rest.

It is this horror from which we flee. It is within us.

Here is a greatest secret: We all have a multitude of refugees within us.

The refugees of rejected feelings, denied experiences and torturous self-judgments etc. etc. etc. all in exile. This is the true “Refugee Problem”.

I invite you to consider that to “solve” our refugee difficulties, we must not only focus on the outer humanity, we must also face the inner hoard of exiles.

EACH of us, in the privacy of our own hearts, if real, will admit that there are many expressions of us that we simply disallow. Ranging from the thought “That is simply not proper.” To “How could any one do / be that?!”. To “I was raised to never ever say something so…..!” Etc etc etc. Countless “not alloweds”.

None of us are free of this sort of prejudice and exclusionary orientation.

Let’s just be real here. Human is Human.

How any one of us sees the world is colored by more aspects than we can say!
AND no one human sees the world the same way as any other. Of course there are groups of similarities, and of course there are groups that are in direct opposition however none are more correct than any other.

This is what is true!

What is also true is that we as a human race are now being called to become MORE.

More inclusive than ever before known in the history of our world.

What happens to “them” happens to “us” and what happens to “us” happens to
“Them”. In truth there is increasing indications that even the idea of Us and Them will take us all down a path of destruction.

Within us and without us, the refugees are demanding that we dare this expansion of consciousness into ONEness lived.

If we begin within, with our own refugee hoard, it is a more real path.
First, allow yourself to admit that yes perhaps there are those expressions of yourself that may have been rejected or judged or refused or simply “killed off”.

Then ever so kindly, ever so quietly allow yourself to meet them – one at a time, getting to know these precious beings.

Listen to their stories.
Hear their heart songs.
Share their pain as yours.
Then there will come a moment when opening the door of your soul to them will be as natural as breathing.

AND then in this way you will be prepared to do the same to those arriving at your own house door seeking asylum.



Alaya Chadwick


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