Clear The Debris

Our world is being invited to clear the debris that blocks true vision.  All the hidden and not so hidden forms of judgments we each and every one of us hold, will be revealed.  Not for the purpose of contributing more violence or self-violence to our world, but rather to provide each of us with an opportunity to notice them and then to choose to not participate any longer in their expression.

Whether it is our elected officials, the policies of our place of work, the global situations and conditions etc etc…we will be encountering the “curbs” designed to reveal these preferences, or we might say our Meaning Makers.  These are the strategies which we created to side step our moments.

Now, more than ever, we are called to stand and be fully in our moments.  Only in this way will we be able to walk as PEACE in our world.

I invite you to dare to slow down, stop  and look directly at each invitation to join in  reactivity.

And then to allow the reactivity to fall away and reveal the disguised commitment to believing that there is ONLY one way for this or that to be.

Allow your reactivity to be a signal that a hidden space of judgment is present so as to allow you to clear more of that internal debris, letting it dissolve, through the power of noticing.

Bless our world with your courage. The Courage  to stop and look within for the judgments upon which reactivity rests.  Be bold enough to look square on at your responses to all that is occurring in our world so as to develop clear vision, for the sake of us all.


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