Following Las Vegas

WHERE is our hope in all this?


It has been called “A killing box”, the room in which so many folks were gunned down amidst their play.


We are shocked!


This is a face of naked human cruelty.


No amount of discussion or explanation or debate, much less blame of “them” or “that”, can mitigate the shock wave that has rippled around our world and inside our hearts. Humans can be cruel to one another for no good reason.


We all have this potential within us.


Many are responding in multiple ways offering words to help us somehow to live with the horrifying powerlessness – Yet no words will erase the searing that our hearts are suffering.


Yet there is still light in the face of this darkness. This one man, who killed and wounded so many, is our wake up call. He is embodying the darkness that call for OUR light.


Yes, the light is US! We saw them and heard about them on the news. Hidden in all the news blasts about the horror were the ones who responded heroically in the face of evil.


They are the many “Ordinary HEROS” who were revealed in those moments.


They did not stop to consider. They did not say “NO I might die…so I will not act.” They did not collapse. – they AROSE and met that the horror.


The (W)hole Truth is that that “THEY” is really WE.


THIS is the hope, the truth and the call! ARISE when you feel the call of the moment is for you.


Within each of us is this “ordinary heroine/hero”, who resides awaiting for THE moment. This is true of us all. It is not a question because it is in the very nature of us ordinary folks, that when we feel (when we allow ourselves to feel) the suffering of another, hard wired is an empathic response calling for action.


For many of us, we say it is “THEM” that are the heroes. Yet I would challenge us to admit the greatest of truth: We are the heroes awaiting the call to act that is for us.


What is unique is that “The Call” varies person to person. What calls to my heart differs from another’s heart. Yet together there is not any call that will go untended – IF we are awake to our own true selves. If we lay down the “THEM” as either cause or blame or savior.


It is time to wake up. The WHOLE world is our responsibility not “THE THEMs” out there. It is our job.


The planet, our country and all people on this planet and yes even the planet itself is ours to tend.

It US that carries the ball. NOT the “THEMs”.
We have forgotten this.


These moments of horror that seem to be increasing – are our WAKE UP Call.


There are those who feel the call to act in response to natural disasters.

There are those who feel the call to respond when children suffer in hospital wards, offering their time.
There are those who feel the call to give blood on behalf of those wounded.

There are those who feel the call to reach out to those who are elderly.
Then there are those who…………


Once I was told that heaven was a circle of beings, a huge infinite circle. When a need arose in the center of this formation, those who felt the call to respond would step in, respond and then step back. The bliss of those in this infinite circle was continuous. When one stepped into the center they did not loose the bliss nor did they gain more, it was all the same.


Creating and Being “Heaven on Earth” is in our fingertips.


What calls you?


Yours, Alaya

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