From ME to WE

Joining our melody with the Universal Harmonies-consciously

Did you know that each of us has a personal SONG?

Did you know we are each unique vibrational beings here to sing our own song for the benefit of the (W)hole?

We are born, each of us, with a “Song in our Souls” .  It is our contribution to the universal Harmony.

This Global symphony is composed on a moment by moment basis, as we each of contribute our tune to the (W)HOLENESS we are.  We contribute by BEING us in each moment.

It occurs regardless of how conscious we are of our participation in this creation.

At first we spend time discovering our own tune.

  • This may involved tuning ourselves up much like tuning up the strings on a violin.
  • This may involve repairing some of the strings themselves.
  • This may involve learning how to sing our own song and even discovering what brings us the greatest pleasures or peace.
  • This may involve discovering that our song is unique in all of creation.
  • This may involve changing our melody as we evolve.

As our own melody and our relationship to it evolves, we are more and more able to contribute consciously to the Universal symphony.  We do this on a moment to moment basis.

THEN there is this moment and then another, when we begin to be able to sense or hear or feel or know that ME has become WE.  That, we are not solo beings, rather we are facets of ONE (W)hole Being.  Whether this awareness sneaks up on us or blossoms live in any one moment, this is The (W)hole Point:

Consciously singing our own song while enjoying the (W)hole of the Symphony in which WE are participating in. THANK you for your Song.

This Blog is inspired by a family in our village who is now SINGING once again.

Blessings and love


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