“IT takes a VILLAGE to live a life.”

It was in 1999, John and I moved to Raymond, NH and named the land (65 acres of undeveloped land) “Sanctuary”. We moved into the building, we had designed by phone with an amazing builder, Dave Pelletier.

Since then, The Wisdom WAY was born, (18 years ago) nearly 140 (W)hole Shops have happened, The Wisdom Monument was imagined and created by Steven Scally & Ted Cooke, The Wisdom WAY walk with the “Wisdom Stumble Stones” was imagined and created with Ahtea, 4 books have been written and two of them made available in an audio form. Reiki classes for level ONE, TWO and MASTERs continuously are occurring, and nearly 700 students have passed over the threshold of The (W)hole Point Institute,LLC., as well as 7 years of coordinating The Bright Light event at the Raymond fire house. Etc etc etc.

I could continue to list for pages the amazing offerings of WPI, that have touched so many,  as well as the many outside teachers we have hosted – however that is not the point of this reflection.

I began this with the heading “It takes a village to live a life”.

All of the above list would never have happened without “The Village” of bold individuals who repeatedly step into the unknown within and without.  Facing the mystery of what is unknown until it is revealed, requires a kind of courage rooted only in the heart.  It is not a willful courage.  It is not a pressuring courage.  It is not a dominating over-powering courage.  It is not a courage born out of the rigidity of refusing to feel fear.

IT is the courage born out of walking into the darkest spaces and arising as the Phoenix from the ashes. The Village of these courageous beings have birthed so very much on behalf of the world.

This reflection is to honor all who have participated in these last 18+ years, as students, as teachers, as playmates and co-creators.  Truly it has taken a village of rare and profoundly deeply in tune people to have birthed “Sanctuary”, as a place of transformation, renewal and healing.

When John and I moved here, we had a vision.  In great humility, I now see that our vision was so very small compared to what now exist because of The Village.

The learning:  Have a vision, focus on steps each day, then most of all be willing to open to receive a far grander experience than one could ever have dreamed up.

Blessings to all of The Global Village that  touches and has been touched by This WAY of WISDOM.

Dec. 11, 2018

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