Miracles Are Real.

He was so sure that he was just “a bad person”.

For as long as he could remember, it seemed everyone around him reacted to him in the exact way that confirmed this horror.  His parents left him, his siblings mocked him and over and over again those he fell in love with abruptly betrayed him. “Obviously, it’s me” he said with such conviction.

I believe in miracles, the miracles of change that happen in an instant when one sees TRUTH.

Handing him a large paper weight, in the shape of a large diamond made of material that looked “diamond like” – transparent with facets around the base, I said, “hold this”.

Taking a black white board marker, I scribbled all over the diamond in his hands, while he protested.  “Don’t ruin it.

Then once covered in “blackness”, we looked at the heavy weight in his hand.  It looked dirty and messy.

Puzzlement was in his eyes.

Handing him a piece of cloth, I said, “Wipe away the lies and as you do say out loud ‘They were wrong about me.  I am valuable and worthy as I am.’ Say it over and over again as you wipe away the lies.

As the diamond re-emerged, in the silence filled only with the quiet swipe of the clothes against the diamond’s surface, his tears flowed.

Truth revealed.

There was nothing wrong with him.

There had never been anything wrong with him.

There was nothing to fix.

A light began to flicker and grow within his eyes as the light of truth made obvious gleamed from within.

The miracle:  he no longer lived their lies as truth.

Now he would live the miracle of him

Yes, I do believe in miracles.

Miracles happen every day here!

How is this?

Truth is simple.  Lies are complex and distort self-perception.

Miracle is the word that points to the simple unfolding of what is already there!

With great love and blessings – love MomAlaya

Ps This blog is dedicated to all the (W)hole Life Coaches who practice the art form of Intentional Spiraling.  Those who have studied for years the mysteries of wholeness, (w)Holes and Holiness.

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