Picking Your Focus Matters…

Picking your focus matters to us all!  BE A CONSCIOUS INVESTOR!

Surrounding us and pummeling us are screaming invitations to place our focus on “This” or “That” or “The other” so that we don’t miss a chance or remain informed or else!!!!!!

Like flashing strobe lights, these invitations can in-trance us and enthrall us without our awareness.  Once our focus is captured, the energy of which we are made is then dedicated and invested in that which we are focusing upon. 

All this happens often beneath our awareness.  

The power, and it is an authentic power, to choose our focal point is something we are all born with and for which we are meant to be responsible.

Pause for a moment, allow yourself to notice, really notice: “What have I invested my precious energy in?”  “Am I satisfied that this is something I truly wish to encourage more of in this world?”

Remember:  what we focus upon grows!

I have recently discovered with my husband’s help, a news source about the “Good News” on our planet.  Each day there are updates from around the world of our successes and our generosity to one another.  Each day I know that I can click on that news APP and there will be evidence of the goodness of humanity.  It is to this that I am choosing to place my focus.

AND to magnify this effect, I then actively share a “piece of good news” with someone I believe might be interested in that particular topic.

Taking full responsibility for the power of focus, is the invitation I extend to you and me and all of us.  We no longer can ignore that we are the “Theys, the Shes, and the Thems “of our world.

We are the ones running the show.  Children authentically lean upon the “Big people” to support them as they grow into independence.  To become Adult is to say, “Now it is on me”.

In each of our own corners of the world, we have great power to impact lives around us. Most of us will never be The President etc. nor would we want to.  However, we are now beyond the childhood indulgence of blaming “THEM/ ‘the big people”.  We are the ones who are choosing.

We have the power of the crowd, so to speak, to harness our Focusing Power to benefit us all.

Frequently, now a days with all the social media etc., we hear of this or that shocking or violent event or confused leader or global challenge.  How easy it is to blame and criticize from a “powerless distance” and an “childish arrogance”. The truth is that we only know what we hear about world events.  Even if I spent all day every day and all night every night reading and listening, I have no doubt I would still be in the dark of the real undistorted details of any one situation.

So what then?

My invitation to us all is to pick up our authentic power to choose our focus.  

This we can do every moment, every day on behalf of us all.

Invest your powerful energetic self and presence in that which you want more of in this world.

Do you want more violence?  Then invest in blaming the “Thems” or judging those other there.

Do you want more peace? Then invest in those places and spaces where peace is happening.

What are the actions of “Investing”?

  • ϖ Becoming aware of our power to invest by focusing upon
  • ϖ Take responsibility – 100% responsibility – for this power
  • ϖ Acknowledge that we are powerful simply through conscious focusing
  • ϖ Talking about that which you want more of in this world
  • ϖ Noticing where something is missing in our world, and acting and focusing to bring it into tangible presence
  • ϖ Allow that it is not the visible “size” of our action, rather it is the power to Invest that is the true significance
  • ϖ Notice & Stop the hypnotized state of responding to the barrage of “bad news” and shift your focus to what which you want to live in this world
  • ϖ Let go of the idea that only big efforts can have impact.  Instead let the zillions of small moments be “your moment” to affect the (W)hole World

Take a pause.  Make a list of that which you would choose to place your energetic investment:

  • Peace
  • Kindness
  • Upliftment
  • Generosity
  • Hope
  • Etc.

THEN become it.  Focus on it, talk about it, notice it throughout your day, Celebrate its presence in all the ways it is revealed in your day.

THEN most exciting of all – notice how it begins to flourish around you and your world in ever expanding ripples.

Thank you for considering in investing in YOUR power to choose your focus and invest for the benefit of the (W)hole of us.

From my heart to yours, 


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