SEE-ING as a blessing to all the world.

Every morning there they were:  Vincent and Rolston – sweeping, cleaning, preparing the day and the place for others to enjoy.  Quietly, steadily, almost invisibly these two among many others labored behind the scenes for “the guests”.

Have you ever noticed how easily we can “over look” those “behind the scenes folks” in our daily walk-abouts?  For instance the woman at the grocery store lane, the man at the gas station, the toll booth lady or man. Etc etc.

AND have you ever considered that from a different viewpoint you might be one of those “behind the scenes folks”?

I invite you today and the next day and the next day… to notice and really SEE those before you, even if they are there  for just moments of your day.  How might you touch them?  How might your presence be of service through a simple activity of “see-ing” the other?

Be The Wisdom WAY – walking awake saying “YES, I do see you.  YES, you matter and I matter and our joy in this moment is to receive each other”.


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