Listen for just a few moments to all that we are flooded with via virtual news headlines, news alerts on our phones, TV news programs and of course with global access, we hear about ALL of it!  Most of the time the “IT” is rooted in disasters, deaths, weather challenges and the desperate needs of those experiencing these moments.  Consider the messages we are taking in at deep unconscious levels.

  • You are in danger
  • Loss is around the corner
  • There is not enough to go around
  • ETC
  • ETC

I would like to invite us to do a very radical and potent type of action.  It is based on awareness,  our personal awareness and power to choose.

I invite you to take these action-steps, independent of how you feel in the moment.  This is a choice practice.

I encourage you to dare to discover that what we are being flooded with, even marinated in, does not need to be our experience in the next moment.

Here is this simple practice:  (examples)

If you hear about an event in which folks were in danger – deeply breathe, exhale and focus on the places of safety currently in your own life and in the lives of those you love.  AND if you choose to take an action add to another’s’ safety or drop into deep gratitude for your own.

If you hear about lack of food, water, shelter etc., – breathe deeply, exhale and focus on the abundance in your life (the simple abundances that we ‘forget’).  AND if you choose take an action to provide more food, water, shelter etc to another. And again, end with gratitude for your power to act, your ability to notice and you willingness to make this experiment.

If you hear about a limitation that restricts generosity for others in need – deeply breathe, exhale and focus on all the ways you are able to expand beyond restrictions.  Be particular.  AND if you choose, take an action that pushes the edges just a bit beyond the box of “It can’t be done”, “It shouldn’t be done”, “It has always been this way.”.  Again, end with gratitude to you for your courage to step out on behalf of us all.

We could say:  BASIC practice:

The practice is first notice the restriction or limiting belief being presented to you.

Next – breathe your power in and exhale all attachments to  or agreement with these restrictions.

Focus on the TRUTH that in this moment you are safe, you are held, you are ok…etc  RIGHT now.

Focus on what ACTION you might take to support others – no matter how small or obvious.

Take the action…that expresses abundance, support, community etc.

End with gratitude for your courage and your boldness of heart.

THEN … watch how your world CHANGES.

This practice takes but a moment or 5.  It has the power to heal you, the world and our hearts.

STAND UP to the News’ impact and declare by your actions and breath that you are choosing a world of abundance, hope, caring and support for all.

Blessings and great love to you,


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