The Wisdom Monument  (TWM)

On SEPTEMBER 25, 2018, The Wisdom Monument was completed up to 11’ 10”. The top surface prepared for the CAP, which was ordered.

As it stood at the base of “Sanctuary”, the 65 acres of land upon which The (W)hole Point Institute, LLC is located, there was a shift that effected even those driving by.

The Wisdom Monument has two full twists made of brick.

There are 5401 (w)Holes all total in its construction, as each brick has 10 (w)Holes and of course there is the central void.

Its designer, Steven Scally of Fireside Sweeps of NH, is a Master Chimney Sweep and Wisdom Teacher.

Embedded in its design is the message taught at WPI.

Put simply, “Every Brick Counts-just as every person counts”.

If even one brick was removed or mis-aligned, the perfection of the twist, the perfect alignment and the magnificent beauty would be marred.  Our world might be likened to this piece of art.

I was listening to a You Tube in which a man pointed out what labels do to eliminate the personhood of the human being, who is labeled by a system, a ruling, a prejudice or any generalization.

WE are all unique, just as every brick in TWM is unique and yet still a brick.

When we apply a label that judges and excludes any person, the alignment of our world is negatively affected.  Truly, we are all doing the best we can with what we know and understand. This orientation is one of inclusion and compassion.

What if you chose to live your life or even a day from this viewpoint?

Intentional Spiraling as one way to come into full alignment with one’s own radiance is a powerful art form.

Blessings to Steven Scally and Ted Cooke for the magnificent rendition of The (W)hole Point.

Swing by and take some time to enjoy the experience of a living moving brick spiral, which changes with every viewpoint, just as everyone of us can be viewed from many different angles.

The Message:

Appreciate every person you meet as you would a work of art and your life will come alive in a way you might never imagine.

Appreciate yourself in the same way and watch the miracles that unfold.

From my heart to yours,








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