“The Wondrous Truth”

“The Wondrous Truth”

Just the other day, one of my teachers, called “client/apprentice/student”, invited me into exploring what makes what we call “The Wondrous Truth”(WT) so terrifying to many of us.

“What makes The Wondrous Truth so scary, while I am longing for it over and over again, yet when it arrives I run like H____?!”

For those of you who have not yet learned The Wisdom WAY, The “Wondrous Truth” is that experience or set of experiences that you personally dream for and yet doubt will ever happen. (For more- work with a (W)hole Life Coach whom you can locate at: www.wholepoint.us) What an interesting question! Of course, first I asked myself – “What scares me about the WT?”

In simple terms, I realized, when I open my heart to receive the wonders of a caring community and a loving husband and kind friends and lots of grand playmates and a warm house etc etc etc. …. I am naked, vulnerable to life’s experiences without armor! Things could happen that could hurt.

The Secret: To receive and digest the Wondrous Truths, a heart must be unguarded and open to allow in the wonderful tender surprising gifts of life. The risk, life moments may come and feel painful, yet without an open heart, we miss all the grand sensual tender preciousness of life.

So Who wouldn’t be scared to death of The Wondrous Truth? Yes, who wouldn’t be?

We all, if we are honest, usually live our lives behind a shield of armor, carefully crafted to prevent “Pain”. Yet the secret is that we also block the wonders of life! Thus we are often at war within ourselves, while the world has wars blossoming in all sorts of territories and places. To this I have responded by taking pen to paper again for another book.

I am currently working on the 2nd book of The Wake Up Series. It is called: Wake Up to War & Peace. (The title of the series inspired by my dear Husband, John) This book is an exploration of the universal elements of war & peace, its impact upon both soldiers & community, alike, through the venue of Global Fables.

As I was writing this morning, I realized that war and peace are in part about our fears of receiving The Wondrous Truth.  For example the “dream” of World Peace.  What makes me say this?

We would all be required to be vulnerable to all the others of the world for World Peace to really be born. Now doesn’t that strike fear in your heart?

So war continues and we all long for peace.

However, there is a response that is “doable” for each of us.

IF each of us, one by one, turned inward and spiraled into the inner universe of solutions – there we would find our own inner wars AND there we would (if we dared) reveal our own paths to PEACE.

And then the world could wake up one day – at peace inside and out. How? One person at a time. How might you bring greater peace to your heart, today? Tomorrow?

A Big Hug to you

Alaya – December, 2014


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