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 It Takes a Village

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By Alaya & Anne

It takes a village to live a life,

It takes a village to heal from strife,

It takes a village to glorify life,

It takes a village to collapse a hole,

It takes a village to reveal a soul,

It takes a village to know we are whole.

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A village is made up of a TRYAD:




It takes 3 or a TRYAD to create motion of any kind!

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A Call to WAKE UP from the DREAM—RESPOND-ABILITY—BE a “Bright Light Responder”


Now more than ever, People BEING whole, awake and conscious of the oneness of all of humanity is even more significant.  We see acts of violence in so many forms.

Regardless of your political persuasion, regardless of your race, spiritual beliefs and age etc , we are one people.  What occurs on one side of the globe flashes around the planet, so that we are all impacted and involved, nearly instantaneously.

The truth is: Humanity is at a portal, a doorway of sorts, with each one of us being invited to purposely choose how our individual presence will contribute to the Whole (in their families, communities and countries).

Our choice, moment to moment, can be fleshed out by your own responses to the following questions.

Will I add to peace or to war in this moment?

Will I be the presence of inclusion or exclusion?

Will I be the strong voice of compassion or blame?

Who and How and What will I bring to each moment?

Am I ready, willing and able to be awakening?

Am I willing to acknowledge that my answers are in my actions?

Am I willing to accept that I am responsible for my answers?

As I write this, around our country there are waves of violence against “The Police” as a generalized group, even as we turn to them to respond to our 911 calls as well as to maintain order in all this chaos.

“The Police”, as a generalized group, is being blamed as the structures of our society are faltering under the weight of so much judgment, blame, mistrust and fear.

Around this country there are also groups of people going to their particular Police Departments, bringing both their encouragement to those individuals to stand in alignment with their vows and to reaffirm that they serve at our request, of their community.

This particularized support is coming in the forms ranging from flowers to letters to handshakes etc.

This is just one example of RESPOND-ABILITY.

We each have a BASIC moment to moment choice: Either We can agree to be pulled into the swirling chaos of judgment, blame and attacks, which are looking for the cause outside of ourselves. This is a path of looking outside ourselves for targets to blame. OR We can look inside ourselves and ask “How might I contribute to the peace, harmony and inclusiveness in my community?”. This is a path of knowing that there is nothing outside us that isn’t already within us. The change we seek comes first from within us first.

Our choice informs our response to the moment. RESPOND-ABILITY refers to the capacity to be self-aware as the choosers and the actors.

To develop “RESPOND-ABILITY” requires a willingness to look within, to be naked and truthful with yourself about what there is AND then to take up the task of intentional responsibility.

Our choices either add to the PEACE or the WAR on our planet, country, community, family and self.  The state of our world is in our hands.

Blame is easy and leads to more struggle, more war and more violence. RESPOND-ABILITY is a daily stretch from within which leads to more ease, more peace and more inclusion.

RESPOND-ABILITY is the activity of living outside all the boxes and creating the world we all wish to live in.

Consider: How inclusive are you? How willing are you to look within and find your own prejudice against _____ (fill in the blank)? How ready are you to then lay that prejudice down and act in a way that adds peace and harmony to your community and all countries and our world?

This is a CALL to ACTION.

I invite each of us to actively be a “BRIGHT LIGHT RESPONDER”.

A Bright Light Responder is a person who is living from RESPOND-ABILITY with the clear intention to contribute to each moment the elements that are missing.  For example, peace in the face of war, calm in the face of panic, appreciation in the face of attack etc etc.

I invite each of us to take up the call and act in each moment as SOUL walking and in this way our world and all those in it may awaken together.

And then WHAT a celebration there will be!



Reflection note by Alaya – 15 years of “Playing” together

Community in action

Once I was told that Heaven is like a great circle. A need arises and the one or ones, to whom the need calls, from the outer ring step in, respond and then step back once again. Neither the ones in the center, nor the ones in the outer ring are better or worse or more or less valued. Neither are those who are in need. All are of equally magnificent value and importance. There is no quest for credit or praise. The blessing is being a part of the village itself.

All is a great dance of “The Hands and Feet of LOVE”.

All is the spiraling and intentional awakening as a soul in human form – for the joy of it!

The Secret: It takes “many” to discover the “oneness” of ourselves.

Knowing YOUR presence matters – This is your “job” in Heaven on Earth.

A Collision of Surprises:

Just a few days ago, I was asked: “How do you see yourself as a global presence?” I was totally taken aback.

In the nakedness of surprise I bumbled out – “Well I don’t” then hesitantly added, “I have never considered this question as to apply to me- yes to those well known global figures etc… but me… no”.

Months earlier, in a continuing education class for our WPI faculty and advanced students, I was profoundly revealed as being an active creator of community and that I had then carefully, however unwittingly, been setting myself outside the circle.

If you want to reveal yourself to yourself, then surround yourself with REALNESS. The WPI faculty are real hearted folks with a depth of presence and insight that shines in all directions. (Including the teacher teachers’ teacher…) These two moments, independent of one another, and the birth of WPI’s alternative responses to the needs of our returning veterans all wove together into this reflection on community.

Over the course of these last 15 years, I have been witness to the response of this village to a wide range of challenging situations.

From dear family members dying at a distance and near by, to accidents that crippled family functions for months at all levels, to three children needing a home due to parental turmoil, to a Mom needing help and one of our village opening her own home and then walking each day until that same Mom entered Heaven, to a day just last week when my husband,  John, needed help setting up the annual Sanctuary bonfire, to the creation of something called “Sanctuary’s Hands & Feet” (a way technology supports a village responding to a need)…

The list goes on and on. What do all of these situations and moments have in common? They were all love-generating events.

In each of these moments there was a need that arose. Those whose hearts felt the “tug” to respond – acted in bold and courageous ways. They acted knowing the support of the entire village was there around them.

When it was tough they asked for more, with out apology. When it was tougher more was given. When there were victories, they asked for celebrations. We all danced together.

When the need was complete, the responders stepped back to the outer-circle.

IF they in turn needed renewing or restoration, they stepped into the circle and were embraced and soothed in body and soul and mind. Then… they too returned to the outer circle…

AND through it all…All of the villagers were in Bliss…

Parts of the (W)holeness as ONEness weaving life together.

How amazing!
In this day when there are wars that cannot seem to be stopped. When there are so many veterans that are wounded to their core… When there are those hungry in body and heart… THERE are VILLAGES tucked around this globe responding and holding and dancing and crying and laughing their way through these portals of life.

WE are all, each of us “A GLOBAL PRESENCE”! Yes, I am too! And so are you!

What we do & how we show up – in our moods, in our actions, in our choices – in each moment, we are affecting the entire village of our Globe!

Here at WPI, as we step forward to respond to the great need of our soldiers and their families by thinking outside the box of the “ordinary” or “normal” patterns- we are being “Heaven on Earth”.

When YOU do the same… you are being “Heaven on Earth” or we might say here “The Hands & Feet of Love, walking in the village”.

Do you recognize yourself as a GLOBAL PRESENCE?

  • In awareness: Are you?
  • In action: Do you allow this to be so for you?
  • In truth: YOU ARE!

You are welcome to come and play with us in the village we call The (W)hole Point Institute, located on the land called “Sanctuary”. Playing is all about Being “Heaven on Earth” consciously, for the mere joy and pleasure of it. Blessings to you and thank you for YOUR PRESENCE – it matters.


10 years of The (W)hole Point and our Blossoming Community

Written by Alaya… shared with joy 4-2011

In Honor of Mum, Steven Scally’s mom, who is a RPBL community member and is now going through treatment for cancer. “Mum, thank you for your presence and what you are teaching me about the preciousness of the village we have all birthed. Thank you for reminding me that each moment is all we have.” Mum was just diagnosed with cancer in her brain and other locations. This seems very sudden as it was only discovered last week and yet it is quite extensive. Mum, your courage and steadiness as you go through the next days and weeks are also a gift to us all. Thank you for your presence, it matters to the (W)hole World ,and to us of this Radiance Community. Love transparently, Alaya & all of us of the Radiance Community

Mum is the one who really got me to thinking about where we are as a community. She said to me “It is just a miracle, the support you all offer to one another and now you are offering to me.” She went on to mention example after example of the ways (she has witnessed or experienced or heard about) members of our community have responded to (w)Holes- theirs and others – always accountable for their own (w)Holes and always generous towards the (w)Holie human beings around them. Mum is being a profound invitation to me and I suggest to all of us, to live our lives aware that each moment is precious and our presence matters to the (W)hole World. Walk Awake as you move through your days, embracing more and more of WHO you are – truly this is The (W)hole Point. Sometimes this is because we fall into a (w)hole, sometimes it is because others invite us as (w)Hole Helpers to notice a “NOT ME we never were aware of before. Either way… we are more of US…if we choose. By the way, we are never done with this…we just become more joyous about it. She asked me to extend this request/ invitation to the Radiance Community: Please send REIKI & Prayers to herself, her husband Bill, Steven, Lisa, Emily, and Alycia, as well as all the medical folks etc. Once again, we see, our presence matters to the (W)hole World and to each one of us. It truly takes a village to live a life and it takes each of us to say “YES” to (W)holeness actively, boldly walking a path quite different from the norm. Mum is the reason that I now take time to reflect & share with you all. I invite us to choose to stay aware that communities themselves, go through stages of ripening and unveiling, just as individuals do. Our Radiance Community is growing and expanding and birthing new and varied offerings & opportunities, as we grow we know there will be (w)Holes, there will be (w)Hole Helpers, as well as Wondrous Truths and Ever Expanding Radiance. To this end…I write to you all.

Dear Members of the Radiance Community, It has now been 10 years since the first (W)hole Shop and the founding of The (W)hole Point Institute,LLC. “9-11” happened days before the very first (W)hole Shop, as many of you know, and since then we, individually and as a community, have dared to stand for “All parts welcome,” Unity & Wholeness, Respect & Celebration of differences, as well as truly living this in our daily lives. How radical this is! As I contemplate the journey we have shared to date… I stand in awe of us all. We have chosen responses so bold, so heart focused and Wholeness Driven, as to be a powerful light in a world filled with darkness. Planet wide, our global structures are based on competition, exclusion-inclusion, goals and commerce, only the outer matters, thoughts without feelings, standards of evaluation and assessment etc. This is simply how it has been. We all know about this for it is within this competitive/ judging environment that all our HT experiences have all emerged. And yet, in spite all this, we as individuals and as a community have stood firm for 10 + years: We have responded to one another with “Curiosity without Judgment,” and we have applied the same to ourselves with unerring dedication and commitment. In spite of (w)Holes, Curbs, and deep feelings between one another, and in WSs, and in our own lives, we have, as a Whole Expression of Radiance, chosen again and again to “Do what ever it takes to go into our hearts, to speak from our hearts, to drop judgments of all forms & to live what we teach/know/believe.” WOWOW I say “Good for us all.” I must admit, that 11 years ago, I had no idea how or if we would, together, be able to birth a community that actually walks its talk in such practical and real ways. Obviously, this is not something John and I could do alone. It takes a village to birth a community. It takes folks committed to consciously-living and aligned-loving to birth a community. We are all surprising me, most of all, for we, together, are the most wondrous truth I could imagine. Ranging from money to help the “Radiance Kids,” willingness to express our naked heart-felt truths, to Intentional Spiraling in the dead of night, to the risk of asking for support and receiving it as that person chooses to offer it, to risking the most naked act of all- RECEIVING that which we have always longed for beyond our imagination etc etc etc…. we, each of us, has stepped, in our particular and unique ways, into our (W)holeness over and over again. “How can this actually be happening,” I wondered. Upon reflection, this is what I have come to: our community, how we respond to one another (as messy (w)holie human beings) and The Wisdom WAY, as a way of living in the world, rests upon quite different values from the world’s values. First, we assume that we all have (w)Holes. We also assume that we will be (w)Hole Helpers to one another, and we assume we all are doing the best we can with what we know and understand. Radical beyond words, these 3 “givens,” if applied to our planet would in themselves be transformative. And there is more! Next, consider these samples of the values which we as a community have lived for so long, that we take them for granted. Some of our Core Values: “all parts welcome,” “everyone is a reflection of an aspect of ourselves”-no matter how much we want to avoid this, “how we treat ‘that one’ is how we are treating that part within ourselves,” “the outer is a reflection of our own inner community/wholeness,” (w)Hole Helpers are appreciated and valued, the Terms of Endearment are our foundation along with the “No Rule Rules”… I could go on and on, and, of course, that would require me to outline WS 1 through 8! So… enough, I believe I am making my point. Now, 10 years later, the disastrous earthquake/tsunami in Japan! Once again I am brought up short. What is happening there is happening to the “MEs over there!” What is happening here is happening to the “MEs over here.” There are no “NOT MEs” really, just the imagined idea that we can be separate from parts of our own (W)hole Holy selves. We, of this community, know this to be true. In what way is the Japan Earthquake a CURB, an invitation to you, to me, to us as a community to dare to embrace more of our own (W)holeness? What does this CURB remind you of from your HT? What MM is still running automatic responses in your life? I invite you to do what we all know to do…be within and expand without…radiating the Holy Presence we are. It really does matter to the (W)hole World, what we do with our (w)Holes! And our (W)holeness. Now…to one other reflection. Just as individuals ripen and unveil themselves in a process, unique to each, so too do communities. We, as a community, are unveiling ourselves, expanding and embracing and expressing ourselves in so many new and surprising ways. From WS 1 through 8, to (W)hole Life Coaching, to PAIRing, to (W)Role Play-Soul Play, to CRMing, to CMRTing, to Divinity Apprenticeship, to The Wisdom Grace Mystery “school”… etc,…etc,…. to the now forming Pastors’ CounSoul, this Radiance Community is blossoming all over the place. AND we as individuals are also blossoming as we live The WAY in our days. When communities ripen over this long of a time period, another thing that occurs naturally are that “sub groups” form. These sub-groups may be based on interests or common geographic locations or shared training experiences or like minded viewpoints or orientations etc. This is natural and is a healthy expression of diversity within unity: “All parts welcome” and “All parts have free will to express their uniqueness” and “All parts respected and valued” and “All differences celebrated as invitations to all, to welcome more of one’s Self home.” As this progression occurs, it is also not unusual for some distortions and judgments to creep in as the community expands in expressions and numbers. The “older generation” evaluating the “younger ones,” or the “younger generations judging the older ones,” or the “ones who chose to do this training” seeing others as “less for not having done it” or it can happen across gender lines (i.e. the women judging the men and the men judging the women) or it can be simply the seduction of the larger society which encourages and fosters competition/judgment/goal orientation/head vs heart/right vs wrong ways of being etc. This simply happens. The key is what our response to this will be! What ever the cause, I am now expressing a great call to us all: Now, more than ever it really does matter what you do with your (w)Holes, your (W)holeness, and your Precious Holy heart! As there are wars between so many countries, and there are so many homeless in so many places and there are many on this planet who suffer from a phenomenon I call “Community Lack.” This means to live without community. (For your information, community, or the lack thereof, actually impacts our health, our hearts, and our life’s satisfaction.) In a world where so many suffer from Community Lack, I invite you, implore you, ask you to join me in tending to this precious community & to the global community with a boldness of heart and courage, as well as “Bald Naked Truth” and, of course, “Curiosity without Judgment.” How?

  • If you hear yourself express judgment/ blame/ exclusions or evaluations as if you are the expert of the other(s) – stop and ask yourself: “What am I afraid of here?” “What NOT ME is seeking to come home?” “What Big Terror is so big that I am fleeing into my (w)Hole?” “What (w)Hole has been revealed so that I may uncover the ever expanding wondrous truth of me?” etc.
  • If you hear judgments – stop and ask the person judging, “How is this about you instead of them?”
  • If you hear blame – stop and ask the person blaming, “How is this or that a (w)Hole Helper for you?”
  • If you hear exclusion – stop and ask, “What part of yourself are you excluding or feels excluded?”
  • If you hear evaluations of others – stop and ask, “What part of yourself are you evaluating?” or “In what ways are you evaluating yourself?” You see…it is always about curiosity without judgment woven with the intent to embrace more of one’s Self! In this way, the (W)hole World awakens again.

I invite us all to really walk this WAY of being into the world for all our sakes.

As we enter the next years for this community, I invite us to be a space, a place and a people who “Celebrate and Elevate” the good in us all, the intent we all have to do the best we can with what we know and understand, to recognize the wonder of US as a community, as a globe and the wonder of us as individuals – together daring to BE PRESENT from our Hearts, rather than absent and only in our Heads. In closing, thank you! Thank you for being the greatest Wondrous Truth ever: a living breathing living community, radiating light into all the spaces so hungry for love, hope, and wholeness. Thank you for your Presence-it matters to the (W)hole World. Thank you for doing your (w)Hole Work-it matters to everyone of us in this community and in the entire planet’s community. Thank you. With all love and blessings, Alaya, the one most surprised by & grateful for what we have birthed together Now, take a moment, breath and really take in this amazing community’s presence, which would be less if you were not a part of it. p.s. AND thank you for sending REIKI to MUM and all those around her. This too is an example of our community in action. All great gratitude to all.


WPI Timeline:  Nov. 1999 to June 2015

November, 1999                                             Moved to NH

2000-2001                                                      WPW revealed itself to Alaya

September 27, 2001                                      First WS-1

May, 2002                                                      First WS-2

February, 2003                                               First WS-3

February 21-22, 2004                                    First WS-4 / First CRM

April 3-4, 2004                                              First WS-5

September, 2004-June, 2005                      First ART Class

April 30-May 1, 2005                                   First WS-6

August 13, 2005                                            First CMTR

September, 2005                                          Apprenticeship in Divinity offered

September 30-October 1, 2006                  First WS-7, Launch of

September, 2006- June, 2007                    Second ART Class

February 3-4, 2007                                     First PAIRs WS

October 20-21, 2007                                   First Interior PAIRing

June 12, 2008                                               Launch of

June 28, 2008                                               First WS-1 Teens

July 19, 2008                                                First Reiki 1 for Kids

September, 2008                                         Mary Magdalene Apprenticeship offered

September 5, 2008                                    “Wake Up to Your (W)hole Life” 1st ed. published

September, 2008-June 2009                     Third ART Class

January 24-25, 2009                                   First Gift of PAIRing (w)Role Play to Soul Play

April 23, 2009                                              First MSW Supervision Group Meeting

October 24-25, 2009                                   First WS-1 Men

September, 2010-June, 2010                     First WLC Class

September, 2010-June, 2011                     First WLC-PAIRing Class

November 23, 2010                                    “Wake Up to Your (W)hole Life” 2nd ed. published

January 15-16, 2011                                   First WS-8, First News Notes sent to subscribers

August 5, 2011                                            “Alaya’s Fables” published

September, 2014-June, 2015                     Fourth ART Class

September, 2014-June, 2015                     Second WLC Class

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