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Kali's Gift Book Jacket

Kali’s Gift
by Dorie Cameron

It has been said that “change is the only constant.” Often it can seem daunting, even scary, to navigate everything coming at us. These days, as the pace of change seems to accelerate, having an orientation, ground to stand on, is incredibly helpful.

“Kali’s Gift” is a unique and powerful experience that can help you understand the crucial role that change plays in your life. An invitation to an inner journey, “Kali’s Gift” points to an ongoing process to help you move forward into new life!

With few words and potent images, “Kali’s Gift” is a penetrating and expansive work that will remind Kali’s Giftyou of the company and support available to all of us as Life flows swiftly forward. “Kali’s Gift” is a compass so you can “float, swim or surf” with more ease and joy.

“Kali’s Gift” can be read in less than a half hour but as you return to it again and again, each time, you will experience something new, gain new insights and feel the timeless message of support available to you individually and us collectively. “Kali’s Gift” is a call to Life!

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