Couples Coaching

 by Alaya Chadwick

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Couples Intensives are based upon The (W)hole Life Coaching model. These sessions are designed as a response to couples who are seeking highly concentrated work.  For some couples it is to move quickly through difficult or painful issues, for others it is to see resolution to a current relational crisis, and for others it is to take their relationship to greater levels of joy and happiness.  There are times in a relationship process when weekly sessions seem to be “not enough.”  Rather than weekly or monthly, Intensive (W)hole Life Coaching sessions occur over the course of a designated period of time.  (Ranging from 4 hours to any number of days).  They are designed to respond to each couples unique needs, schedule and situation. Each individualized session is designed by the couple and in cooperation with Alaya.

Intensive Coaching sessions are rooted in an integrative approach which combined The Wisdom WAY model with Imago Relationship Theory (developed by Harville Hendrix) and Alaya’s extensive alternative therapeutic approaches.  Couples find that they are able to rapidly shift into a position of clarity and self-honesty. They are empowered to identify the actual problems in their intimacy field (the space between two people).  Only when this shift of perspective takes place are they able to make different choices and thus new behaviors become available for each person in the partnership.

Intimate Relationship takes skills, commitment and an open heart. Alaya has developed a process, which blends Imago Relationship Therapy with The Wisdom WAY model of empowerment along with unique & practical tools, to create a doorway into authentic connection.

Working with couples and individuals from Alaska to Africa to Denmark to Canada – actually Globally – Alaya finds great joy in celebrating the surprising moments of real connection between folks who have felt profound despair.

One of Alaya’s greatest joys is to be the WITNESS to the awakened pleasure experienced between two people when they are freed from the prisons of their own making.

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Couples Coaching image by: Meg Mathews Photography

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