Whole Life Coaching

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Alaya works one-on-one with individuals and couples using her (W)hole Life Coaching model which is holographic and based on The Wisdom WAY.  Individual (W)hole Life Coaching sessions are available upon request with either Alaya or other intensively trained WPI (W)hole Life coaches.

Trained as an Imago Relationship Therapist, Alaya has woven this profound and practical approach with the “Hands & Feet” tools of The Wisdom WAY. Partners seeking to go deeper into the joys of intimacy all the way to those feeling lost in the dark jungles of relationship pain, both are delightfully surprised to find that there is a way to live more deeply in love.

The Whole Life Coaching Program teaches the skills of applying The Wisdom WAY model to and within the eight arenas of an individual Whole Life:  Mind, Body, Spirit, Work, Play, Relationships, Self and Environment. The Whole Life Coaching program is intended to teach, empower, and enable the coaching apprentice to remain present in the moment for extended periods of time for the purpose of facilitating another individual’s own awakening. The instruction style of the Whole Life Coaching program is a combination of instruction, dialogue, and experiences.  This is a very advanced program offered only to those who are ready to dive deeply into themselves and their Whole Lives. This is a two year long program divided into two individual years, with different foci.  This program is offered intermittently as demand dictates.

A Whole Life Coaching “apprentice” ( a person studying with Alaya) explores an experiential approach to meeting with individuals using The Wisdom WAY map. The second year of the Whole Life Coaching program teaches the WLC the psychological and spiritual tools underlying the long-term relationship intimacy. Thus, the WLC who has completed the second year of training, is able to remain aligned and present while coaching PAIRs.

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