Alternatives in Counseling & Personal Development (ACPD), PLLC

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Alternatives in Counseling & Personal Development (ACPD) is the name of Alaya’s private coaching & consultation practice.  In addition to having a 2-year master’s degree from the University of Connecticut in Clinical Social Work and a 3-year master’s degree from Yale University’s Theological/Divinity School, she has over 35 years of experience.  As a licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of New Hampshire, she offers therapy to adults and couples.

As the name of her practice implies, she has at her disposal a wide variety of tools ranging from the traditional therapeutic processes to alternative methodologies & orientations.   (Individual/Couples therapies, Imago Relationship Therapy, Jungian-oriented coaching, Bereavement counseling, Dream Analysis, Life Transition Coaching, Relaxation and Stress Management Training, Whole Life Coaching, Soul Retrieval, Alchemical Healing Rituals, and Eco-spirituality/psychology etc. ) (Note: this is not an inclusive listing.) The decision to access, utilize, or combine these resources is made in an informed cooperation with each client.  Each area of interest to a client is discussed in detail to insure informed decisions.

Frequently, folks seek out Alaya because of her special interest and training in the intersection between psychology and spirituality.  Religion (a prescribed structure of belief) and Spirituality (a personal and particular belief) are different.  Alaya maintains that a person’s spiritual viewpoint has a direct bearing upon one’s psychological health.

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