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Around the globe, spiritual gatherings are occurring in greater and greater numbers. There is a wave of hunger to be life in the eternal now, to be awake in one’s daily living, and to awaken as one self as never before.

The greatest mystery is that we are souls having a human experience for the shear joy and wonder of being able to do so. To awaken in our conscious embodiment, while also knowing “Ahh, I am Soul.” is to ascend while walking the earth. This is the Whole Point.

WPI defines a “school”, in this context, as a cluster of experiences designed to facilitate transformation, learning, and awakening. This Mystery “school” is composed of clusters of content and particular experiences designed for the explicit purpose of revealing the mysteries of “Being the Truth of ‘I AM’ “. The point of a Mystery “school” is not the invention of new mysteries, but rather the revelation, realization, and actual embodiment, in particular, of “I AM,” of that individual.

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