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Relationship: People Activating Intimate Relating – PAIRing

Relating to another person, in a deep and intimate is a mystery and unique process to each pair of individuals.  There are three elements that are continuously in play: Person A, Person B, and the space between them which is a living breathing entity unto itself.  This complexity is called “Relationship.”  The secret is that any relationship is actually a moment-by-moment exchange between two people.  This process is like a river, continually flowing, ebbing, and ever changing.  No wonder intimacy is such a challenge for us all.

Imago Relationship Therapy woven with The Wisdom WAY model of Empowerment and Transformation, offers both the individuals and the PAIR an integrated and pragmatic approach to awakening intimacy in their daily lives.  Alaya is a trained Imago Relationship Therapist as well as the creator of The Wisdom WAY.  Blending both for the benefit of the couple is both a joy and her art form.

Blending Imago Relationship Therapy perspectives and tools, with The Wisdom WAY (The Universal Journey we all live), along with her 67,000 hours of listening to individuals and couples, ALAYA is a masterful relationship mentor. “It is my great joy to walk along side PAIRs (‘People Activating Intimate Relating”) and celebrate their awakening to authentic connection.

Whether it is between a husband and wife or a mother and daughter or two partners or those of different generations etc., the art of intimately relating can be learned and practiced effectively, only when the basic tools are in your hands.

People Activating Intimate Relating™ (PAIR) refers to the process of deepening intimate skills between one person and any other person. PAIRing is an invitation offered whenever any 2 people are engaged in an interaction. It does not just happen between the most “intimate” friends, or spouses, or parents and children. It happens between a boss and an employee, between strangers, between anyone. In every interaction, regardless of the type of relationship, we are revealing something of ourselves and thus PAIRing.

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