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Just as a diamond offers multi-faceted Radiance so too it is said about Alaya.  Her Presence, shared through the facets of Consulting, Life Coaching, Teaching, Story Telling, Writing and Intuitive-Healing, brings folks out of their darkness and into their own light.

Alaya’s enlightening approach is based on a core integrative conviction revealed over her 35 years of experiential studies. Our Human journey of psychological clearing inevitably raises spiritual questions.  Our Spiritual evolution and awakening must be grounded in solid psychological wellness. ONe without the other will ultimately fail. Our Consciousness awakening can not & must not be separated from our Humanity awakening. This conviction & Alaya’s practical doorways of application is unique in the field. Her academic background in spiritual matters and wholistic healing combined with her extensive experience as a therapist along with her dedication to the awakening of others make her an exceptional Teacher, Speaker, Healer and Whole Life Coach. One of the unusual aspects of Alaya’s work is her use of stories, toys, humor and visuals to communicate life transforming messages, invitations particular to those blessed enough to be her students/apprentices. Her approach to integrative wellness is one of “pragmatic compassion.”  She is deeply dedicated to inviting people to walk out of their particular darkness and into their own precious Light.

Alaya offers her unique and potent (W)hole Life Coaching process coast-to-coast, as well as on an international dimension. From Alaska to Africa to Israel to Denmark etc., there are students and apprentices of Alaya, whose lives are now blossoming beyond all imagining.

The secret: None of us need “fixing”, we are just covered with layers of dust and mud-requiring a good cleaning! “The world needs all of us to light up with the wonder of who we are with our gifts fully activated”.

Prior to simultaneously obtaining two Masters Degrees (Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work M.S.W. from the University of Connecticut and a Master’s Degree from Yale Divinity School – Yale University.), Alaya worked in the business world of marketing research, hospital administration, and national sales.  She also held a faculty position at the Yale School of Medicine and worked on The Yale Clinical Neuroscience Research Unit.

Alaya is a notable (W)hole Life Coach, Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, Teaching Reiki Master, founder and director of The (W)hole Point Institute, LLC, as well as Alternatives in Counseling & Professional Development. She is a published author of “Wake Up to Your (W)hole Life” and Alaya’s Fables Vol. 1 & 2.  

Through celebration and elevation each individual, group or company with whom she engages – Alaya is a walking invitation coming alive.
“It matters to the whole world what we each do with our wholeness.”

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Elizabeth Chadwick Photo ©2014 Tim Byrne

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